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Document Security – Information Rights Management

Once a document is encrypted against unauthorized users, an IRM user can apply certain access permissions that permit or deny a user from taking certain actions on a piece of information. The owner can controll copy & paste, preventing screenshots, printing, editing. Especially, the owner can revoke user access permissions without sharing the document again.

Access Control decided whether you want to make your files accessible publicly or only to invited recipients.

Revoke Access to a file in case of errors or if files were sent to the wrong person.

Set time-sensitive files to expire on a fixed date and time or to self-destruct after it has been viewed by your recipient, Mission Impossible style.

Restrict Forwarding decided whether to allow or restrict recipients from being able to forward your files to someone else.

History Tracking

689Cloud history tracking refer to the traces left behind as documents move and change – who did what in your project, with what files. As soon as a document is profiled, 689Cloud starts tracking events, locations and users associated with that file. Document histories are saved in special 689Cloud databases.

Project Management & Collaboration

Collaborative project management is based on the principle of actively involving all project members in the planning and control process and of networking them using information, communication, and collaboration modules. Management is not regarded as an activity reserved solely for managers but as an integral part of the project work of all team members.

Apply OCR for image file

OCR is optical character recognition, a software tool that allows you to convert scanned documents into text searchable files. It is now increasingly common for documents to be scanned so that they can be conveniently viewed and shared via electronic means.

User Management

User management enables the owner to control user access and on-board and off-board users from the Team Project. The owner can use the Owner Role to add, delete, and change role setting for the members.

Team and Enterprise admins can invite, remove or change roles of members and see the company-wide statistics of documents secured using 689Cloud.