Data Threat Report Financial Services

Data Threat Report Financial Services 2017

2017 Thales Data Threat Report Financial Services Edition

Trends in Financial Industry: Must lower costs by streamlining business processes and utilizing cloud, must secure and track access to sensitive information, must easy share & collaborate with external partner/customers to increase productivity & modernize works. BUT security is still BIG problem. Data breach story is increasing in Financial Service, 49% of global financial services organizations have experienced a data breach in the past. Bellow is The Financial Services Edition of the 2017 Thales Data Threat Report concentrates on the results of a survey of IT professionals from U.S. and Global Financial Services organizations. If you cannot view the report please download here

Secure Sensitive Customer Financial Information

Sharing of financial information is a common practice between employees, departments, customers and other institutions. Coupled with the current evolution in technology, sharing sensitive customer data and information have been made easier. The data can be sent via emails, stored on the cloud, shared around the company network and using custom made applications. All these scenarios expose data to intruders who might intercept or access the data illegally and thus posing a risk to customer’s data.

Why you need to ditch the old system

Currently, majority of financial institutions use on premise systems. These systems are not productive especially when working remotely and communicating with outside clients and customers. Also, these systems do not provide an easy platform for sharing information and information access. These systems further rely on email as the only means of communication. Email is insecure when sharing sensitive data, it is not easy to share and manage documents over a long period. On top of these. It does not allow collaboration and sending of large volume of data leading to low productivity.

Enhance information safety with Information Rights Management

Secure Sensitive Customer Financial Information

689Cloud uses IRM systems to help your organization secure customer data and information. Our IRM system guarantees data security whether stored or when in transit. The system further secures data when being accessed by various devices which include tablets, computers and mobile devices. Our technology facilitates application of granular usage permissions (edit, copy and view among others) to a particular file at any time on any location.

The system further facilitates real-time tracking of information through audit trails to comply with the current set regulations. These enhances efficiency when monitoring employees in the organization and partners when accessing data providing 24/7 secure environment.