Vietnam Web Submit 2018

Vietnam Web Summit is the largest annual festival day for developers and marketers relating to Web industry. This is the chance for them to update related knowledge from the well-chosen speakers of well-known Internet & Tech companies. With +100 topics from the top experts. The exhibition will be performed by enterprises and startups. This is also the place for demo show for a lot of products, as well as technologies of businesses. Recruiting is also among the activities that bring valuable benefits to both businesses and attendees.

Some pictures in the event.

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10 Reasons Why You Need Rights Management in the Cloud – Part 3

Reason 3: Information has a “Best Before” Date Too

Most people are keenly aware of the “Best Before” date on food items such as eggs or milk. This date, which indicates the how long the product can be safely (and enjoyably) consumed, is an important data point since no one wants to eat a rotten egg.

However, when it comes to data, especially data that has been shared on the Cloud, people are not as careful. Consuming data that is no longer current, or past its’ “Best Before” date can be even more damaging than drinking stale milk. Yet, when sharing documents in the Cloud, most users have no way of ensuring that stale data is no longer consumed.

Rights management allows users to set an “Expiry Date” on documents so that it can no longer be used after a certain date. In this way, rights management can protect you from consuming stale or spoiled data; just like that label that keeps us from eating bad food.

10 Reasons Why You Need Rights Management in the Cloud – Part 1

Reason 1: Files in the Cloud Travel – Far and Fast

Cloud File Sharing, Messaging, and Social Networks have made it super easy to share documents in the cloud. But do you know where those files you shared are now? Who has seen them; colleagues, partners, or god forbid, competitors? What about those documents that are now out of date, or are flat-out wrong?

Rights management allows you to control who can see your documents, even after they have been shared and downloaded. Documents that are shared can be revoked if they become out of date. Rights management puts you in control of your documents in the cloud.

Vietnamese Digital Transformation

Our Chairman (Mr. Hiro Kataoka) sharing about Case-Study & experienced in implementing Digital Transformation in US & Japan, and opportunity for Small and Medium Enterprises in Vietnam. #689Cloud #VietnameseDigitalTransformation

Highlight Keynote:

 Digital transformation is driven by people, not technology
 It’s not just about AI, IoT, and blockchain. It’s about the benefits and beneficiaries
 Foster the growth of Vietnam’s technology companies (especially b2b) in the global digital
economy. Government and Enterprise should be pro-active in working with new Startup
 Look 5 years ahead, but implement for today.

689Cloud at VDEF 2018 Event

The Fourth Industrial Revolution has been creating structural impacts on global economy and society. Every day,  millions of people benefit from innovative services offered by Uber (transportation), Airbnb (hotel business), Facebook (communication), Alibaba (retail & wholesale e-commerce), LendingClub (personal credit), Coursera (education). Digital technology tool to improve the productivity of firms and boost the economy of countries.

Vietnam Digital Economy Forum (VDE Forum) aims to provide a platform for leading experts, policy makers and enterprises interested in this topic over the World. The objective is twofold: sharing strategic visions, practical experiences of the pioneers and the trend of indispensable movement in the digital economy; evaluating current situations, challenges, and opportunities related to the digital economy.

VDE Forum 2018 takes Vietnam, a fast-growing economy of 93 million people in South East Asia, as a business case to propose specific recommendations for firms, organizations, individuals from Vietnam and other countries interested in Vietnamese economy. It will be a unique occasion for meeting decision makers, navigating and implementing strategic decisions.


Trần Vĩnh Tuyến – HCM City People’s Committee Vice Chairmen visit 689Cloud boot camp.

VDE Forum 2018 is hosted by the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, co-organized by the Association of Vietnamese Scientist and Experts (AVSE Global), HCMC Institute for Development Studies (HIDS) and Quang Trung Software City (QTSC).

In this presentation, Mr. Kataoka, an expert and executive in the technology industry for over 25 years, will describe how adoption of cloud technology has advanced the digital transformation in the economy and society in general, and the effects this has had in both regions.  Some topics that will be discussed are:

  • How digital transformation has broken down barriers between companies, between suppliers and consumers, and in public services such as health care and education
  • How the Cloud has enabled technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) that further advances digital transformation
  •  How digital transformation creates new opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurs
  • Examples of how digital transformation has improved the user experience and reduced costs in business, health care, and government

From these insights, he will follow with a roadmap for how both the public and private sectors in Vietnam can take advantage of new technologies and digital transformation to drive economic and social progress in Vietnam.

689Cloud at WHISE 2018

689Cloud attended at Week of Innovation and Startup in HCMC in 2018 (WHISE 2018) took place from 15-19/10, hosted by Department of Science and Technology Ho Chi Minh City under the direction of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City.

Attracting more than 3,500 visitors and 125 demonstration and demonstration projects and more than 200 investors.

During the WHISE 2018 Week, nearly 30 events were held, attracting the attention of the startup community:

– Communication Industry Adaptation Workshop 4.0
– HCMGIS PLATFORMS – The basis for GIS application in Ho Chi Minh City, and announced the Search Solutions – GIS HCM City 2018
– Scientific Conference on Technology Solutions for Smart Cities
– Summing up Community Activism Connecting Students 2018 with the theme Innovative Innovation in the Digital Age

In addition, many innovative start-ups, product demonstrations of startups are also taking place at WHISE 2018.

Notably, there have been 61 start-up projects and innovations participating in the exhibition have been arranged with the organizers contact with investors, potential customers, and this is one of the practical activities that Ho Chi Minh City to promote the science and technology market, support startup development.

689Cloud at Vietnam ICT Outlook – VIO 2018 Event

Vietnam ICT Outlook (VIO) is a national event organized by HoChiMinh City Computer Association (HCA). VIO 2018, under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Information and Communications, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City, Department of Science and Technology of Ho Chi Minh City will take place on July 26, 2008 at White Palace, 194 Hoang Van Thu Street, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City. VIO is one of the major ICT events in Vietnam organized by HCA since 1995.VIO shares the overall picture of ICT development in the Vietnam, bring opportunities for cooperation between domestic and foreign IT enterprises; propose solutions and policies for ICT development; Support the promotion of products and services for IT businesses.

689Cloud Won The Stevies Award 2018

689Cloud is the winner Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards 2018 for Innovation Technology Company.

The Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards are the only business awards program to recognize innovation in the workplace in all 22 nations of the Asia-Pacific region.  The Stevie Awards are widely considered to be the world’s premier business awards, conferring recognition for achievement in programs such as The International Business Awards® for sixteen years.


Named Stevie, meaning “crown” in Greek, the award will be given to organizations and individuals who won the prize at the awards ceremony held at Mira Hotel, Hong Kong.

Secure your business information

4th industrial revolution – How to secure your business information?

The trends of 4th industrial revolution

How to secure your business information?

Cloud computing is one the latest technological evolution that has revolutionized business processes in an organization. Cloud computing involves providing computing services like servers, databases, software, analytics and storage space among other over the internet.

In the current business world, cloud computing is being referred as new normal as every business is moving their operations to the cloud. Currently, businesses are yearning for a secure flexible business environment, reduced operational cost, adoption of latest technologies and harness efficiency in order to improve customer service delivery.

Moving a business to cloud helps it achieve the following benefits:

Benefits of moving businesses to the cloud

Reduced cost

Cloud computing removes hardware and software capital expenses, setup and configuration expenses and office infrastructure which helps a business channel the resources to other vital business projects.

Increased productivity

On site data centers and IT infrastructures means that IT experts spend majority of their time “racking and stacking”. Use of cloud computing eliminates these intensive activities and this translates to few IT employees are needed and the available employees focus on more important issues.


At times, businesses need to scale up or down depending on their business strategy. Moving or expanding on-premise facilities like email servers is very resource and time intensive. Scaling services in the cloud is very simple as it only involves subscribing or unsubscribing to a particular service.

Despite these benefits, security is the major setback in the success of cloud services. Current security measures set aside when protecting sending files by emails, storage applications like Dropbox and firewall configurations are not strong enough to prevent latest strategies by intruders.


689Cloud is a cloud security platform that uses the latest Information Right Management (IRM) technology to secure information and data. Our IRM technology is built with security at its core for Cloud-based, Private Cloud and On-Premise security solutions. Our technology allow business owner end-to-end control document even after they have been shared, downloaded; such as controlling who is open, print/copy/edit or revoke access to documents every time, everywhere.

Our cloud security services targets the following industries:

  1. Banking/Financial service – enhance security when sharing sensitive data and information.
  2. Manufacturing – secure your intellectual property through collaboration process.
  3. Insurance – secure your documents when collaborating with stakeholders
  4. Pharma and Biotech – secure intellectual scientific properties when sharing with partners.
  5. Healthcare – facilitate compliance with HIPAA-HITECH
  6. Legal/Professional services – we help you protect client’s confidential documents and contracts.

As market leaders in cloud service security, we pride ourselves for keeping our word and enabling our clients scale their businesses to greater heights. The IRM security technology guarantees total security to documents sent beyond the company firewall. Our collaboration strategies facilitate encryption, sharing, tracking and enable you to revoke access to compromised documents at any place any time.


Information Rights Management

What is Information Rights Management (IRM)?

Information rights management (IRM) is a discipline that involves managing, controlling and securing content from unwanted access. IRM is a subset of digital rights management (DRM), which protects multimedia content, including video and music. While DRM focuses on protecting intellectual property from patent infringement and piracy, IRM focuses on protecting sensitive data, especially data that is exchanged with parties outside an organization (suppliers and partners)

For example, a hospital may apply IRM to patient records in order to maintain compliance with HIPAA-HITECH and prevent access to this information in the event that the patient records fall into unauthorized hands. The Bank can use IRM to protect confidential document while sharing with outside customers/partners. And another example would be when an organization applies IRM to executive communication to protect sensitive information from leaking to the media or to competitors.

IRM generally encrypts files in order to enforce access policies. Once encrypted, additional IRM rules can be applied to a document to allow/deny specific activities. In some cases, this means a document can only be viewed and the user cannot copy/paste the content within the document. In other cases, the IRM rule may prevent a user from taking screenshots of the document, printing, or editing it.

Organizations can create and apply custom IRM rules at enterprise level, department level, group level, or user level based on data security, compliance and governance requirements.

information rights management-IRM solutions

689Cloud is a Cloud-base & Private Cloud platform that helps enterprise/business easy to secure file sharing, collaboration & tracking on the Cloud both with internal colleagues and external client and partners. By using IRM technology, it allow business owner end-to-end control document even after they have been shared, downloaded; such as controlling who is open, print/copy/edit or revoke access to documents every time, everywhere. We help your business increase productivity and customer relation by easily collaborate with external customers, partners and co-worker securely.