Secure Government Information Sharing System – SGISS

Seamless, Secure Content Management and Collaboration for Government

How 689Cloud Can Help e-government

Ensure Security & Compliance

Manage and protect sensitive information with Data Lifecycle Protection; Provide better service to e-Government by providing a secure mechanism to share data.

Effective Collaboration

689Cloud helps the government, community and private sectors communicating with each other and working together to achieve more effective in problem solving and decision-making.

Enable New Workstyles

689Cloud helps E-government to use new communications technologies by applying cloud and technology achievements to the Government’s work and the interaction of the Government with other elements in the society.


689Cloud Secure E-Governmernt Cloud Collaboration

689cloud helps e-government reduce the exchange of data from one institution to another without worrying about information leaks. Optimize the time it takes to exchange information from one department to another, regardless of location.

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