[689Cloud for Gmail] – Send Document

Step1: Select File

After login successfully, user clicks “Upload” icon to open window explore, allow upload one or multiple files (with multiple files: can select 10 files maximum for each selecting time)

  • Support all file types
  • NOT allow to upload file size = 0KB.
  • NOT allow to upload file size > 2GB.
  • NOT allow to upload encoded file.
  • NOT allow to upload duplicate file
  • NOT allow to upload PDF file containing password

If the selected file is valid, it will be uploaded successfully.

For files (Pdf, Microsoft office from 2007), after they are uploaded, a checkbox will display to allow selecting for protect file. User also can select “Select to protect” checkbox to protect all uploaded files (Pdf, Microsoft office from 2007)

Step 2: Select Settings for Document

This function allows user to select DOCUMENT SETTINGS and WATERMARK SETTINGS for document want to protect.

DOCUMENT SETTINGS and WATERMARK SETTINGS will display and allow user to select settings when user select “Select to Protect” checkbox


User clicks “” icon to open all sub items in DOCUMENT SETTINGS.

From here, user can select settings for document:

  • No expiry date: Allow user to set no expiry date for protected file.
  • Set expiry date: Allow user to set a specific expiry date for protected file.(User can choose date and time) Protected file will not be viewed after expired time although it is downloaded on computer.
  • Printable: Allow user enables/ disables the “print file” functions of protected file
  • Editable: Allow user enables/ disables the “edit file” functions of protected office file
  • Allow download: Allow user enables/ disables the “download file” function


User clicks “” icon to show “Add watermark to document” checkbox in WATERMARK SETTINGS

From here, user can apply watermark or not. User clicks on “Add watermark to document” to apply watermark:

Select settings for watermark:

  • Default (User’s E-mail): If users select Default, the watermark will be set as default: “Viewing Email address + current date (mm/dd/yyyy)” and display in “Diagonal” position
  • Custom Watermark: Allow users set text, position, font size and color for the content of watermark.

=> Watermark will be displayed when recipients view online protected file

After user select files, select settings for protected document or not. User clicks on “Done” button.

After click “Done” button, a confirmation pop-up will display. User clicks on “Yes” button:

  • “689Cloud for Outlook” pop-up is closed
  • A new shared link accessing to document will be created and attached to Email’s content.
  • A folder having the same name with Email’s subject will be created on 689Cloud Secure Mail console (User can login to 689Cloud Secure Mail console to view all sent documents and reports of them). User can see more details about how to use 689Cloud Secure Mail here
  • Documents are also encoded if check “Select to protect” checkbox
  • All documents will display in folder created

Step 4: Send email

After create link successfully, user click on “Send” button to send the email to the recipient

If sent files which are encoded unsuccessfully or register license unsuccessfully. “Encode File Error” or “Register License Error” notification email will be sent to sender.

Step 5: Recipient Receive Email

After sending, recipient will receive an Email containing link to access to documents.

Click the link attached to go to “View/ Download” page.

At “View/ Download” page:

  • Click “View” button to view online
  • Click “Download” button to download file.

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