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689Cloud offers a broad spectrum of software development services ranging from consulting, business analysis, architecture design, programming, quality and security testing, deployment, operations, and documentation. Unlike other outsourcing companies that just provide engineering services, we create, sell, and support our own cloud products too, so we are intimately familiar with the need for a complete holistic approach to product development including lifecycle management, maintainability, and security. Our consulting and design team can work with your ideas and come up with detailed product requirements including UX mockups. Our solutions architects will devise the best architectural approach that will scale with your needs. Our developers will deliver clean, efficient, and maintainable code that adhere to best practices. Our Quality and Security Assurance team performs testing not just for functionality, but also performance and stress. We continually run security scans and perform pen tests to ensure that applications are free of vulnerabilities. And we are there if you need us to support deployment to the cloud, operations, and monitoring.

Whether you are a startup that needs a proof of concept or an MVP, or a large enterprise requiring a sophisticated business process platform, we can take your ideas and turn them into profit, quickly and reliably.

Full Spectrum of Development Services

We have provided products and services to some of the largest and most demanding customers in the world, in industries including finance, IT, and healthcare. These customers require ISO27001 level security processes, and quality assurance that meets the standards of their brands.


Our internal Quality and Security Assurance team performs testing not only for functionality and design, but for performance and stress as well. We have in-house pen testers who perform vulnerability scans using OWASP and other tools.

689Cloud is proud to say that we continue to meet our customers high standards and provide the same level of quality and security to all of our clients from startups to multi-national corporations.

Our agile development team is capable of working with a broad range of technologies to develop web/cloud applications, mobile applications, blockchain dapps, and content security solutions. Our in-house training program ensures that the team is constantly up to date on the latest technologies and best practices.


We work with clients from around the world including North America, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, Thailand and Europe. Smooth and accurate communications is a requirement for a project’s success. Our project managers can communicate with clients in English and Japanese to ensure that our clients are in sync with the project’s progress.

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Web Cloud Applications
Web/ Cloud Applications
Mobile Applications
Mobile Applications
Web3/ Blockchain Development

Industries Served

689Cloud has enabled customers in different industries to take their ideas and turn them into compelling applications and services.

Following is a small sample of successful projects.

Financial Services

Confidential report sharing service
Integrated content security
Distributed crypto currency exchange on Ethereum network


Patient portal for medical records and test results
Integrated content security

Entertainment And Consumer

Video streaming and live streaming service with voting
Adopted for major international talent contest


Online shopping site with purchases in crypto currencies

Online Publishing

Online e-bookstore with subscription-based viewing
Integrated digital rights management

Care Management

Cross-platform application for hiring, deploying, and managing care workers
Mobile app with GPS tracking of worker location


NFT minting site
NFT marketplace for art NFT


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