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Banking/Financial Service

Sharing sensitive information such as customer data is a key part of doing business in the banking & financial world. Emails and files containing private and highly regulated data are regularly sent to business units, and..

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Simplify sharing for faculty, researchers, and staff. Secured collaboration on research projects, distributing course content to students or supporting classroom presentation, Growing number of regulations..

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Secure & efficient public service from anywhere. Intuitive and secure ways to manage sensitive agency records, work across agency boundaries, and enable field operations,…

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Hospital always need to maintain compliance with HIPAA-HITECH and prevent access to this information in the event that the patient records fall into unauthorized hands. In most of..

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The rise of e-commerce and mobile has shifted the way customers engage with brands. Becoming agile, digital and first to market has become a priority for retailers and brands alike. That’s where Cloud Content Manageme..

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We help to protect all your documents when collaboration with agents, partners, contractors, subsidiaries that often involves sending your policyholder and sensitive corporate..

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