trang.nguyen December 18, 2023

You want to securely and efficiently share email attachments? You don’t want your documents to be exposed? You can’t also control who viewed or downloaded your documents? No matter what industry you are in, it is extremely important to secure attachments when sending out via email to avoid unnecessary risks and losses.

For the education industry, you are supposed to be a master who has just completed your report, about to submit it to the grading committee. But you accidentally sent it to an individual with the same name, might be the board member. You can’t get the document back and you don’t know where your document has drifted. Therefore, all of your efforts would be pointless . All because you have no control over the attached documents.


Another example of the design industry, when you have just come up with an idea for a project and then you send an email to your partner. Only as soon as you press the “send” button you cannot control whether your document is opened to the recipient or not. That email can be forwarded and your ideas will go viral online. Then you will surely be shocked at the “fast” speed of the internet, or you will not imagine that it has been completed and sold everywhere while your idea is just lying on paper and in the process of being completed. partner selection process. And once your partners find the idea ubiquitous, your reputation as well as your business will go to zero. So, For protecting your ideas and effective attachments, especially for confidential documents, documents that have a great impact on your business.

On the other hand, in the banking and finance industry, the security of customer identities is extremely important. Once a bank discloses customer information to the outside, the bank’s revenue and credibility will be completely lost .In case, your employees after leaving the job still keep a large number of customers, but you have no way to withdraw them. You will not know what the former employee will do with that customer sources, they might be sold to usury or used for another bad purpose. It is a pity that you do not choose the right application with high security when communicating with customers to ensure the safety of your customers as well as your bank.


So how can you share documents internally, to the right recipient, for the right purpose, and you have complete control over your documents. With SecureMail of 689Cloud, It will help you protect and track file transfer, including sending large files.

SecureMail replaces email attachments with secure links that only authorized recipients can access, and you can also set permissions to view or download files only.

Downloaded files can be password protected or copy protected which helps to prevent unauthorized sharing of documents or leakage to the outside.

SecureMail allows you to track who has viewed or downloaded your files, and can even revoke access to files that have been downloaded by the recipient.

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