Boost your business with Secure Cloud Collaboration

Boost your business with Secure Cloud Collaboration

Easy to encrypt, share, collaborate, track and revoke access your documents everywhere, every time.

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689Cloud is cloud-based platform and customized solution that makes simplify secured file sharing & collaboration on Cloud for internal & external business. Unlike other cloud services 689Cloud protects documents in transit, at rest and at work with Information Right Management technology to allow business owner end-to-end control document even after they have been shared, downloaded; such as controlling who is open, print/copy/edit or revoke access to documents every time, everywhere.

689Cloud help your business to increase 100% security for sharing confidential information with client/partner and reduces 50% time spent communicating & collaborating on business works.


Banking/Financial Service

Sharing sensitive information such as customer data is a key part of doing business in the banking & financial world. Emails and files containing private and highly regulated data are regularly sent to business units, vendors, partners and outsourced agencies. These scenarios pose a compliance risk if data is breached or misused when not in your possession. With 689Cloud we make easy to share & protect financial information, customer information, trading data with external clients/partner. Read more >>


The manufacturing industry thrives on cross-enterprise collaboration with third-party contractors, vendors, and other partners in the value chain. And there are a lot of confidential infomation such as drawings and designs, blueprints, technical manuals, proposals, prices lists and other sensitive documents are sending out by employees everyday, and your current ability to obtain control of the data is very limited. So with 689Cloud we’re here to help you protect your intellectual property protected throughout the collaboration process.


We help to protect all your documents when collaboration with agents, partners, contractors, subsidiaries that often involves sending your policyholder and sensitive corporate data outside your firewall and beyond the reach of your data security and governance system, leaving you reliant on your third parties’ security environments

Pharma & Biotech

Pharmaceutical company is always spending more on inventions and new drug research than ever before. Securing this intellectual property is vital to your long-term growth and business strategy, and regularly collaborate with many external parties such as CROs, API manufacturers, laboratories, university scientists, clinical trial companies, etc. This collaboration and outsourcing is accompanied by a heavy exchange of confidential information across the firewall. Since this information is often shared without any security or controls, it is highly vulnerable to leakage. With 689Cloud we can help to solve your problem


Hospital always need to maintain compliance with HIPAA-HITECH and prevent access to this information in the event that the patient records fall into unauthorized hands. In most of EHRs system, electronic health records are designed to be shared with other providers, cross hospital and outside patient. Since this information is highly vulnerable to leakage as sharing outside hospital is often don’t have any security or controls. By 689Cloud we allow you to protect and track every file and give you more power control your compliance.

Legal/Professional Services

Trust is at the core of any client-firm relationship. Making sure client information remains confidential is critical to generate future business and maintain long-term relationships with clients. The evolution of collaboration, with more and more employees working remotely, and the necessity for global expansion create new challenges for firms managing compliance and monitoring sensitive communications across geographies. 689Cloud allow you protect confidential information (Client’s Intellectual Property, Contract, etc) across the firm,

Do you need a customization for Private Cloud or On Premise?

Flexible delivery options for your business

We provide flexible delivery options: Cloud-based, Private Cloud, On-Premise, customization and integration to fit your business needs.


Choose our cloud solution and don’t worry about an application deployment, maintenance. We have trust, secure & scale Cloud infrastructure that provide by our leader partner AWS & Azure


Private Cloud & On-Premise editions are ideal for organizations ranging from 50 to 50,000 employees in size. Build high availability failover enterprise portals or deploy independent intranets for each branch, department or subsidiary in your company. Fully manage by your IT department.

Platform Integration

689Cloud designed with open APIs platform that allow easy to integrate with your custom business application. We also provide Support & Customization service to fit your business needs.




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