Secure Cloud Collaboration for Business Critical Content

Secure Cloud Collaboration for Business Critical Content

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Press Release: Ricoh Partners with 689Cloud for New Secure Document

Why us

689Cloud is a cloud content collaboration platform that allows users to protect, track, and control files AFTER they have been shared. This means that important content such as confidential documents or personal information cannot be re-shared or leaked. We can block screen captures, control printing and editing, and even revoke access remotely for files that have already been shared and downloaded. Customers are currently using 689Cloud to secure their content collaboration in banking, education, government, and retail.

689Cloud help your business to increase 100% security for sharing confidential information with client/partner and reduces 50% time spent communicating & collaborating on business works.

Highlight Security Features

Expiry Date

Set time-sensitive files to expire on a fixed date and time or to self-destruct after it has been downloaded by your recipient. Flexible to set expire time for document after shared

Prevent Copy/ Restrict Forwarding

Disable all copy feature, even hotkey. Your protected files by 689Cloud are by default restrict recipients from being able to forward your files to someone else. Even after downloaded your file could not be opened by unauthorized recipients

Print & Download Permissions

With integrated digital rights management, your files are by default for viewing only, no copy is stored in the recipient’s device. You decide whether to allow print or download.


Use a watermark as an additional layer of security for confidential or corporate files. 689Cloud watermarks are customized to show the email address of the recipient, increasing the barrier to information leak.

Remote Revoke Access

Have the option to revoke access to a file in case of errors or if files were sent to the wrong person. Even after downloaded and saved in local recipient’s device

Tracking After Shared Document

Track who open document. Where and when it has been opened

Do you need a customization for Private Cloud or On Premise?

Flexible delivery options for your business

We provide flexible delivery options: Cloud-based, Private Cloud, On-Premise, customization and integration to fit your business needs.


Choose our cloud solution and don’t worry about an application deployment, maintenance. We have trust, secure & scale Cloud infrastructure that provide by our leader partner AWS & Azure


Private Cloud & On-Premise editions are ideal for organizations ranging from 50 to 50,000 employees in size. Build high availability failover enterprise portals or deploy independent intranets for each branch, department or subsidiary in your company. Fully manage by your IT department.

Platform Integration

689Cloud designed with open APIs platform that allow easy to integrate with your custom business application. We also provide Support & Customization service to fit your business needs.


Our Customers & Partners

Customer Success Stories

Founded in 2001, QTSC is one of key projects of Ho Chi Minh City, which is built to promote the development of Vietnam IT industry and transform the economic structure of the city in the integration period, with over 150 ICT companies & 20,555 people studying and working here.

We have TB data documents in multiple projects, departments. And before that, FTP Server is our main tool for sharing data, It’s not easy to access, view & collaborate with other departments. As well as there is no method to protect, prevent copy or revoke access document after it’s been downloaded to client device. 689Cloud help us better protect confidential document and easy to setup a Private Cloud platform for collaborating, communicating between internal departments and with clients. We use it to replace current FTP server, in Event project, Strategy department, Sale team

Thang LE
Thang LE
Administration Manager

HTGSOFT is leading Hardware Design & Development and Software Development company in US and Vietnam. We have thousand documents (Hardware Design, Reverse Engineering, IoT Design, Software design, Customer Requirement & Contract) every year that highly confidential when sharing with outsourcing agency & customer. 689Cloud help us easy to manage & secure those documents and confident when working with external vendors

Paul Dao
Paul Dao

RealReachMarketing is leading Digital Marketing company in Florida, US. We have to share & collaborate document, information with customer everyday (Project plan, customer requirement, media content, contract, etc), those information are highly confidential. Using Email & Dropbox is not secure for us. 689Cloud make simplify these process for us, more confident and build trust when sharing confidential document with our customer.

Jim Schaefer
Jim Schaefer
CEO of RealReachMarketing