hiro January 8, 2024

Have you ever worried about potential security risks involving files you send as E-mail attachments? Businesses use E-mail to send important and sensitive documents every day, but this practice can result in misuse, leaks, and theft of your information. So, how to secure email attachment.

The risks of E-mail attachments

  • E-mails can easily be forwarded with your attachments in tow
  • Downloaded attachments can be misused, or re-shared without your permission

Imagine that confidential business proposal you sent to a client landing in the inbox of your competitors or the confidential financial statements getting in the wrong hands. The risks to your business are very real and can result in thousands of dollars in damages.

Businesses can significantly reduce the likelihood of breaches by creating E-mail usage policies, educating employees on best practices, and using 689Cloud SecureMail for sending sensitive files.


This article will introduce a new method called SecureMail it protects email attachments and is designed to help prevent the above-mentioned threats and inconveniences to your business by giving it a set of solutions to keep your data safe and protected while still maintaining its convenience to use and send email attachments securely and easily

SecureMail replaces E-mail attachments with secure links, protect email attachment, that only authorized recipients can access. You can also set files to “view-only” so that they cannot be downloaded and leaked. Downloaded files can be protected using digital rights management (DRM) technology which prevent users from re-sharing or otherwise misusing your files

Why put your business at risk by sending sensitive files as E-mail attachments? Visit our website to learn more or sign up today.