admin November 1, 2023

689Cloud is a cloud based collaboration platform that allows members of a Team share files with each other as well as externally. A unique feature of 689Cloud is that important files can be protected and tracked using the Digital Rights Management (DRM) feature. This document provides basic instructions on registering Team members, creating projects, sharing and managing files, and about the DRM feature.

689Cloud organizes collaborations into Projects. Projects can contain folders and files. These files are only accessible by the Members of the Project. Projects can have universal settings such as automatically encrypting uploaded files.

689Cloud has the following functions and features:

          • File upload from PC and local devices as well as cloud storage services (Box, Dropbox)
          • DRM protection of PDF, docx, pptx, xlsx and images (png, jpg, jpeg) files:
            • Only authorized users can open/view files, even after download
            • Control of printing/edit and save/screen captures
            • Secure online viewer (file data is not downloaded to browser cache)
            • Track access history of protected files
            • Revocation of access of shared files
          • Downloading of files
          • Sharing of files with external links
          • Online preview of unprotected PDF, Microsoft Office, and graphic files
          • Messaging among members of a Project / File commenting and labels