admin November 1, 2023

Since 689Cloud is a Web application, all that is required to use 689Cloud is an Internet connection and browser. The following browsers have been tested and confirmed to work. We suggest always using the newest version of the browser. Note that IE11 is not currently supported for the web console.

  • Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge

Email settings

  • Email addresses are Case Sensitive and can only contain alphanumeric, and characters and underscore _, dash -, and period.

Environments for Viewing DRM Protected Files

  • Online (browser) Preview
    • Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari (PC, MacOS, mobile)
  • Download and View PDF
    • PC, MacOS
      • Adobe Reader XI or newer (Includes Acrobat DC)
      • HOGO Viewer App
    • Android, iOS
      • HOGO Viewer App
    • The viewer apps can be downloaded here
  • Word, Excel, Powerpoint Files
    • Microsoft Office 2010 or newer on Microsoft Windows
      • Microsoft Office 2010 or newer on Microsoft Windows
    • Network Environment