hiro January 8, 2024

689Cloud is excited to announce new updates to its SecureMail and SecureDrive services that promise to make secure document sharing more useful for a wider range of users.

We have added a “Reply” feature to SecureMail Pro that allows recipients of protected files to send back a reply, including files, directly from the SecureMail recipient page. The reply is sent directly to the sender’s SecureMail folder creating a completely secure two-way file exchange that is both convenient and secure.

All SecureMail and SecureDrive users will benefit from the additional support for protected images with the new update. In the past, 689Cloud supported PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files for its advanced file protection. Now, with the additional support for JPEG, JPG, and PNG, users can easily protect and share images such as photos and screen captures.

SecureDrive has been upgraded with a new Admin console that allows the system administrator to easily manage users and settings from one location. A new user interface brings a fresh modern look as well as enhancements to make the service more intuitive and easier to use.

The new updates will be available to online as well as automatically to existing users starting on January 24, 2022. We hope you enjoy the new enhancements to 689Cloud’s secure document sharing products!